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August 25, 2009


I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this reflection.

To be quite honest going from what seems like one career to the next (nurse > linguist > educator > ?) is scary, but still rewarding. When I feel like I'm lost or diverging off of my path I think, "What does Nick do?" (semi-serious actually!) I envy how effortlessly you seem to be following your dreams and keep your focus. Kudos :).

Hi Nick, I follow you up to your purpose. Can you explain what "self-actualize (meta isn't it?) by using technology to enhance our capabilities" means? Maybe explain how the technology you work with helps you achieve this or some kind of example.

LOL "WDND" :-)

Thanks for the comment, Sue!

To answer your question, I should first say that I define self-actualization pretty much along the lines of that Ghandi quote - mainly that happiness is consistency amongst all aspects of life.

For me, I had to try a bunch of things to understand where my best fit was. I went from engineering technology to tech startups and from big & corporate to small & flexible. I figure most people will have to do the same thing to find where they fit - make mistakes and correct.

More to your question though: my startup is trying to help people do this by making technology more accessible to the average person. We looked at the amazing things that open source software did for the way we all live today. The barriers to entry for startups is far lower than 10 years ago due to the massive amount of open source code - there seems little stopping it. We wondered why the same thing couldn't be applied to the "real world" of physical product.

I don't want to talk too much about our goals on a public blog - but basically we think that we can cut out big corporations from a lot of production process. We can imagine a world where custom manufacturing becomes as accessible as printing. We'd like to see cost drop vastly so we all can solve our physical problems more efficiently & effectively.

It's not that I think we can self-actualize through some consumerist binge, but solving physical problems better and cheaper is always something that's going to help.

For more info on how this trend is progressing, I'd say to check out MakeZine.com.

BTW - What's WDND?

Thanks for further explaining that.

WDND is "what does Nick do?" from the post before my original.

No attention span and yet you have contemplated this thorough deconversion process.

Hahahaha this Frank dude is all over you!

Who are you Frank, and why is Nick's lack of religion so important to you?

This was a pretty good post tho

From this blog - "My parents aren't rich enough to invest a lot in my startup."

I beg to differ...I think we did. lol

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