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Nick Pinkston

Manufacturing Entrepreneur and
Activist for the Future
Manufacturing Entrepreneur
Current: Founder/CEO, Volition (in stealth)

Previously, Founder/CEO of:
  • Plethora (Operating since 2013)
  • CloudFab (Acquired by VistaTek 2012)
  • HackPittsburgh (Operating since 2009)
Activist for the Future
I see my core mission to help build a future that empowers everyone to achieve their dreams. I know this sounds corny, but isn't this what it's all about? :-)

Core Themes
  • The Future of Tools
  • Empowerment Economics
  • Pragmatic Politics



Giving hardware engineers superpowers of creation

Pittsburgh's first hackerspace, serving the local maker community since 2009.

The full-auto factory of the future with design feedback inside your CAD tools.

San Francisco's biggest meetup for hardware startups with

over 8.7K members.

3D printing marketplace and first manufacturing-as-a-service API. (acquired)

Coming soon...

Ask me :-)



Plethora Featured in

Modern Machine Shop

March 2018

Plethora Modern Machine Shop Cover Story

Plethora was featured as the cover story in Modern Machine Shop - the main magazine for the metalworking industry. Read the article here

White House "Maker to

Manufacturer" Event

June 2016


The Obama Whitehouse OSTP invited me to give a talk "Self-Training Jobs & Interfaces That Teach" about my take on the future of automation and the manufacturing workforce. Here's the deck.

The "Future of Tools" Talk at Reinvent's What's Now: New York

June 2019

Nick Pinkston Reinvent What's Now New Yo

My "Future of Tools" talk is about the future of hardware engineering and manufacturing. You can watch it here. and find the deck here.

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