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Nick Pinkston Reinvent What's Now New Yo

My "Future of Tools" Talk at What's Now New York

June 2019


White House Maker to Manufacturer Event

June 2016

I gave a talk on "Self-Training Jobs & Interfaces That Teach" which covers some of my thinking on how we can train the workforce of the future. Here's the deck.


 The History of Industrial Policy Tweetstorm

March 2019

My Twitter thread on the history of machine tools, how they influenced our economy, and what policy we should have today 

Plethora Modern Machine Shop Cover Story

Plethora's Modern Machine Shop Cover Story

March 2018

Plethora was featured in Modern Machine Shop to show off our "Self-Programming Factory" with hardware and software system build to eventually allow end-to-end automation of the machining process.

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